Winner of 2019 WAF Architectural Photography Awards(Interior)
Winner of 2018 WAF Architectural Photography Awards(Mobile Phone)

Arch-Exist focus on life and rethink urban living, far beyond the buildings themselves. That is the source of our motivation and where the creativity come from.

Cofounded in 2011 by Vitt Su, national first-class registered architect with 10 years of experience in architecture schematic design and Henry He, professional spatial photographer, Arch-Exist Photography is an architectural photography studio with international perspective and universal aesthetics, making continuous improvement over the years.

The studio is operated around the three major categories of City VS Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Design.

Since its establishment, Arch-Exist has been producing works of striking humanistic power based on the truthful recording of design, the reflection on urban evolution and the respect for nature, thanks to long running team work and Su and He's pursuit of realism and their dedication to architecture.

As a shooting team of strong humanistic spirit, Arch-Exist have shown great passion for natural surroundings, urban evolution and people. Their works are so full of life thanks to the narrative nature. The enchantment of architecture comes from the scale of time and is used by the people, which is what architectural photography means for Arch-Exist Photography.

Chengrong Ma

+86 130-3666-2728

Zhewei Su

Senior Partner

National1st Class Registered Architect China

Zhenhuan He

Senior Partner 

Winner of 2018/2019 WAF Architectural Photography Awards